When the instructional methods (how to present information in a way that is conducive) remain the same, so does the learning. Tri-C Academy wants to revolutionize the way in which courses and trainings are delivered, by transforming the instructional design and their delivery methods through our e-learning platform. Besides traditional face-to-face learning (which is still essential), we are great believers in using blended learning concepts, distance learning, and e-learning, which can help course attendees achieve much more (and longer retention) from our courses. We aim to help participants achieve lifelong learning.

Our e-learning platform will use the latest Web 2.0 technologies and multi-lateral communication channels that span time and space. It will also allow for group and faculty interaction and convergence (Long Tail Learning) before, during, and after the courses. Each course will be designed separately in collaboration with the course faculty and our education experts.

We look forward to launching our E-Learning platform soon….